Venues such as pubs, clubs and casinos often feature multiple screens showing a variety of channels - sports, racing, lifestyle, or just free-to-air or pay TV broadcasts.

Flexicast WiFi Audio is world-first technology that allows you to stream the sound from a selected screen to your smartphone, for listening through earphones or the device's loudspeaker!

Flexicast WiFi Audio solves the problem of multiple TV audio options (footy commentary on one screen, a nail-biting race call on another) in public places and elevates race or sports viewing in your venue from good to great!

You punters and their mates enjoy the audio they want, without impacting anyone else's good time (who are probably Listening to another screen!).

The system operates over Wifi and can be set up in minutes. Flexicast WiFi Audio can also be customised to your venue's audio needs, and applied to public announcements, music and even bingo calls.

Users simply download a free app, install it on their phone, connect to your public WiFi and they can use Flexicast WiFi Audio.

Users can choose which TV to listen to, and change between them at will, and the best news yet, is that it does this on hardware that you already own !!

Flexicast WiFi Audio can be used on existing Terminators used for most Flexicast applications and will not affect the function of the Terminator, which will continue to operate as it always has.

"The words spoken on-screen are in sync with the sound you hear on your smartphone. It really is remarkable, simple and seemingly logical."

"It's just kicking off, but if pubs and clubs across Australia start adding Flexicast to their screens your sports viewing experience might just go from good to great at the local pub in future."

Trevor Long // Tech expert for Channel 9's Today Show & A Current Affair, SBS, 2UE, 2 Blokes Talking Tech, and EFTM

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