"Without Flexicast content we simply could not achieve the same level of coverage, readability and wide appeal in our sites."

"Flexicast is so simple to install, the reliability is fantastic and content is so much more exciting and bright. The depth of options for my TAB area is incredible, I can add or subtract whatever my customers want on display and can even control the displays in Forbes from our head office".

Don Hodge
East Hills Hotel, Sydney

"Since our upgrade to Flexicast in October 2011 our figures are up 13.9% in the TAB so Flexicast is going great."

Paul Cousins.
Cessnock Supporters Club

"Flexicast what a great product! It has been tremendous for our business as it has given us that point of difference from our competitors."

"Flexicast has attracted new customers giving us a 21% growth over the last 12 months."

Roger Hong
Secretary Manager
Evans Head Bowling Club

"We find Flexicast's engaging content plays strongly to our younger sports and racing punters, and our long-time racing diehards love the greatly improved clarity and added information over the traditional TAB screens."

"Flexicast facilities are a must, the punters appreciate it and that appreciation is returned in greater patronage, higher TAB turnover and increased bar sales. It's one of the necessary ingredients to our success."

Scott Young
Churchills Sports Bar, Kingsford

"Customers really enjoy it - it's a shame we couldn't have had something like this years ago."

Mick Potts
Swansea Hotel

"We're very happy with the system and our punters really like the displays."

Edward Langdon
Thomas Blamey Tavern

"Flexicast works really well. The system's flexibility is good, and we can change the information on display easily. It's even managed to help us cut down on staff hours."

Heath Barkley
Belmont 16' Sailing Club

"It's a good system - we turn the tellies on in the morning and they're ready to go for the day."

Andrew John Heffer
Erina Rugby League Football Club

"Flexicast is great. It's good for the customers - especially our more inexperienced punters, who find it really easy to use."

Caine Riley
Cricketer's Arms Hotel