Sport+ delivers attractive sports odds and analysis, dressed with a contemporary look to make sports betting more accessible and appealing to your punters.

The platform presents sporting odds in a vibrant team-vs-team or player-vs-player layout, enriched with team colours and relevant performance statistics from both sides of a match.

Sport+'s combination of relevant data and attractive presentation creates genuine engagement, stirring team-based loyalties and stimulating punting interest among sports fans.

Sport+ has a list of features designed to educate and entertain including:

Sports available now on Sport+

  • NRL
  • AFL
  • Super 15
  • Cricket
  • English Premier League Soccer
  • A-League Soccer
  • Motor Sport
American Sports
  • MLB Baseball
  • NFL American Football
  • NBA Basketball
  • NHL Ice Hockey

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Here are a sample of our channels.

Don't miss a thing with our Sport+ Live channel

Focussing on all the available live and soon to be live sporting events, our LIVE Channels ensure that your punters won't miss a thing and come in 1,2,3 and 4 screen setups in either landscape or portrait.

Delayed Real Data Demo

Note: Data delayed by 10 minutes. For access to Live Data please call 1800 676 705