True automation with our Location Locking screens

Only Flexicast has content smart enough for you to set up your venue once and never need to touch it again. That's true automation with our Location Locking screens.

With Location Locking a screen can be set to show the next thoroughbred, harness or greyhound event at location (e.g. 'M' - Melbourne or 'S' - Sydney). The screen will work hard all day and night showing whichever race is next to go from 'MR','MG' and 'MH' meetings. This makes a screen 3 times more efficient, but equally important is that it will mean the screen does not need altering to go from day coverage to night coverage - it's now truly set-and-forget!

Our Location Locking screens now offer your punters more information from the comfort of their seat with our optional Expanded Form Sidebar, rotating through key form information for each runner at a glance. This includes recent runs, prizemoney and silks.

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