eFORM is Flexicast's interactive electronic form, a platform that wholly supersedes paper wallsheets and brings form for your venue into the digital age.

A must for any venue serious about attracting solid punters, eFORM displays live prices, results, scratchings and rich data, all while eliminating hours of staff time and printing costs (you''ll never print another wallsheet!).

The platform is an easy visual transition for your customers to make (we've designed eFORM with the look-and-feel of paper form in mind) and covers all races from South Africa, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

A truly 'set-and-forget' product, eFORM frees your staff from printing and pinning wallsheets, while engaging your customers with constantly refreshed racing data, including fixed and tote prices and up-to-the-minute scratchings.


You now have the ability to lock your screen to the following defaults, however the use of touch screens will allow you to navigate to any of todays available races.

  • Next to Jump >> 5th Next to Jump
  • Next to Jump Thoroughbreds
  • Next to Jump Harness
  • Next to Jump Greyhounds
  • Locked to Location (e.g. M)
  • Locked to Meeting (e.g. MR)
  • Locked to the Menu Page
  • Locked to the Help Page

We now have data for the majority of international meetings including gallops for the UK and South Africa, and all codes for New Zealand.

eFORM 3+ seamlessly brings the functionality of other form products onto the touch screens, where your punters can access them easily. This includes versionjs of our QuicForm, SpeedMap and SquareUp where available.

If a user has selected a race but wishes to remain locked to this race they can press the Relock this Page button at any time to reset the lock.The green bar at the bottom will also turn red when there's 20 seconds left to indicate that their lock is set to expire.

The time that a screen stays locked for is also able to be modified for each screen through our web interface if punters are finding it too quick or slow.

We have had a few concerns raised regarding font size. This is most often due to venues running monitors less than the recommended 24 inch. We do find that when an A4 wallsheet is held up next to the screen most people acknowledge that the readability isn't as bad as they thought. However we do take this feedback seriously and we hope that our expanded form will alleviate these concerns. Basically any runner can now be clicked on to bring up an expanded form panel.

This expanded form panel includes bigger fonts, labelling of all fields and will list all of the available starts for each runner. Since our system is designed to have all runners fitting on the screen we sometimes have to sacrifice the available starts to fit everything on the screen. Our expanded form means punters will now have access to every start available.

This simple menu allows users to quickly go to the previous 2 races and the next 5 races to jump as well as a button to display the full race menu page and the help page.

Our full race menu page allows the end user to navigate to any race on that day. This menu now features weather and track conditions for each meeting, indication of abandoned meetings, indication of closed races and icons for whether a race is part of the Daily Double, Quaddie or Big 6

There is also an option for the full race menu page to be set as the default screen through our web interface

Our menu system allows end users to select any race on today by selecting race type, meeting and race through easy to use drop down menus.

Where space permits we will be displaying tips on how to use the system.

What Monitor Should I Use for eForm?

Interactive Demo