Give your punters the premium TAB experience with Flexicast EDGE.

Flexicast EDGE is the benchmark for the complete TAB solution, it is a tried and tested, infinitely reliable service for giving betting data to your punters.

Don't settle for the standard TAB offering at a time when pubs are facing revenue pressure from mobile betting.

Flexicast offers an enormous range of channels. This kind of variety is critical to finding content that your punters really love. Once you find it punters won't be happy punting elsewhere without it.

EDGE offers unparalleled variety with options such as Seizmo, Dollar Trends, Graphic Shortener, QuickForm, SquareUp, SpeedMap, Hotpicks and more. You have everything you need to hook punters on your venue.

Our Screen Management System saves you loads of time and gives you the ultimate in flexibility including the ability to save a snapshot of what channels you currently have displayed on each TV, and then reload them all at once, with the click of a button.

Our unique Location Locking system gives you the ability to automate your TAB solution and reduce the number of screens required to run a top class TAB.

Choose to display all races at a meeting or all races at a location (e.g. Melbourne) including thoroughbreds, trots and dogs on one TV. No need for staff to run around changing channels on a busy Friday night when you want to switch to the dogs.

Our Location Locking screens now feature our Expanded Form Sidebar, rotating through key form information for each runner at a glance.

On Flexicast EDGE, race listings, odds and results are displayed in engaging and vibrant colours with prominent indicators and our Smart Scaling technology makes for maximum readability while at the same time always showing the full field.

Unrivaled support and service is provided, but we doubt you'll need it - the EDGE's easy user interface makes it a simple, set and forget system.

Flexicast EDGE brings venues to life and will cement your competitive advantage by offering your punters a superior experience.

Why Flexicast EDGE will make your venue stand out:

Unrivalled variety and number of channels

The power of scheduling options and range of content in the Flexicast system will provide you with the ability to set up a totally customisable array of content. A setup that suits your venue and customers perfectly, while reducing the number of screens required for full coverage.

Our Screen Management System will save hours of staff time

Our smart screens resize to suit each race. This maximises the readability for your punters - a big drawcard for older patrons.

This system even allows screens to be mounted on their end allowing more screen space for the same wallspace.

Reduce the number of screens needed by selecting from our range of split screens which display multiple complementary screens on one TV.

No switching or scrolling. Give your punters everything they can bet on all the time.

A better betting experience

Clear and intelligent presentation of data

Today's generation have grown to expect a new level of presentation for data and entertainment. The modern design of EDGE delivers on punter expectations as bars, pubs and clubs are facing increased competition from mobile betting technology.

Integrated systems to give punters more of what they need

Choose the number of screens to suit your space and needs. The Flexicast system is the perfect solution for all pubs and clubs no matter what their size. The more screens, the more information you can give punters. Flexicast offers deeper data that will give your venue the edge.

A better reason to come to the pub to bet

Flexicast offers venues a truly integrated and immersive betting experience and compared to mobile betting, it is like comparing your laptop screen to an iMax theatre. Make your venue a destination that beats rival pubs and the online bookmakers. The more time customers spend in your venue, the more they will spend.

An investment for your venue

Flexicast is inexpensive and easy to install. It saves your staff time and increases TAB turnover. A 12-screen setup will cost less than $1 per screen per day (excluding setup costs). Edge screens really are 'set and forget'. So give your venue the EDGE.