eFORM Version 3 Available Now

Version 3 is now available for eFORM. Version 3 is only available on our new K-Box. The K-Box is HDMI capable hardware and features much faster performance, enhanced readability with bigger, crisper text and scrollable content.

Please call sales on 1800 676 705 or email to discuss getting eFOPRM 3 in your venue.

Thanks for coming to the AGE

A big thank you to everyone who came out and saw us at the AGE. We had a great show and really enjoyed catching up with you all.

Our new products - Quickform, SpeedMap and SquareUp were a big hit with visitors as was our new version 3 of eFORM.

We'll definitely be back next year.

Flexicast's Odds service is a comprehensive odds system for Clubs, Pubs, Auditoriums, TABs, Sports Bars and Professional Punters. Sport+ is a fast growing set of visually attractive sports odds pages, designed to make sports betting more accessible and appealing to your punters.
Introducing Flexicast's latest product - eForm. In response to many requests from our customers we've come up with the ultimate set and forget solution that allows venues to free up both staff time and printing costs.